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People of the north eastern are becoming so crazy on the political side... instead of making a beautiful place ..people of the localite making more worst ... The Nagaland CM strictly blam on the Govt. of India not to pass the three bill's regarding for the inner line permit system.

In this lost communication many of the students has been cruel by the state forces.

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When Friend (s) Crazy On.

Funny friends are always funny like a Fun ...
So...play it hard )) Always the result comes in front ))

The Poor Situation in Manipur Govt. Hospital
In our state, the government hospital is not having the full equipment.
Howsoever, a young women(35) went to a govt. Hospital (RIIMS) as the emergency case. However the patient fixed with oxygen mask but certainly the oxygen cylinder were not working properly. The patient became exhausted second by second, the patient party asked to the duty doctors(RMO) for the best way. Duty doctor said, the ventilator isolation ward at the hospital is not in the condition of working.
Finally suggested to shift at a private hospital to save the Life of the patient.
Currently the patient is on going treatment at the private hospital called " Shija" at Langol.
I would like to say the govt. Hospital in Manipur is so worst. No any word to explain.
The Govt. Is not looking after at all.

If any senior authority found my blog : please rectify the condition.

Situation of Manipur
Just Sharing to everyone.... who is near / far from...International Human Rights & International Law. Related to everyone. Just posting few of my words after a short break.

Hello Dear Friends,
Did u just keep watching on what the thing come's up to happen as truly bad ?? I, hopefully speaking out, you didn't give the chance to arise... Here, in North-East India - Manipur becoming a major part of Crime Zone amongst of the indian State's. The indian government has understand the situation from the last 10s, 15s year. Still not any further improvement behalf from the Govt. Of India and State Govt. Who will control like every day T.V Show. The state needs the Right Help from International Law to minimize the situation and share a couple of words to understand about Life and many life's which has gone. Maximum time, killing ... Murder...Rape..Kidnapping... in between ...the Land of Terrorists - Game. More than 7D :)) The politics party also play well together :)) in this Show/Game. Living a Life in Death is a different Flavour for a normal Life person.

I will be very happy from your graceful attention.

Life is just a Journey
Our Life is not a game which can be resumes anytime.

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We are the Human........

Never break the " Feelings " When it BrokE..... Everything ..... LoSt !!

You can't find the Destiny of your Life !!
Unlimited steps..... everywhere..... Empty & Empty
A Soul without a body : ))
Just feel ...... something .... seems like " HEARTBREAK " for nothing..... !!

Ok.... Life Rule Like This !!
I Love My Life !!
Going 4d " 1 "..... far far away..........

Lets Walk Together.

IN THIS TIME, THIS GENERATION PEOPLE ARE COMPLETELY BEHAVING LIKE AN ANIMAL.  I had faced many things from head to toe about the feelings. Which make always different type of?

I was born in Manipur (Imphal) a place from North – East region in India. Which is surrounded by few of big jungles and this jungle is base on the hills. If any traveler came to visit Manipur (Imphal) they have to take the way for Safety.  To fly till Manipur and if the traveler(s) really want to see the right things, they have to catch a bus from Gwahati (Assam) till the way to Manipur. They can enjoy the trip on the ground, by crossing the jungle at the hill stations. Watching those children’s, watching the houses, their way of living. Many things are going to be store for forever.
If we are not looking to the right matter… we might be losing the Life of many villages.  We think that we are big enough to make anything possible.  Whatever is that? But at the end … the words, the feels has gone so far and start up maintaining like a Fire. Just to burn it down.  I just want to say that… once the feeling has created. It wouldn’t break so easily. It stays for forever.

Time we will understand this story … it will tell to us… the value of Life. 

Writer's Block: Conversation starters

I don't think so.....  have to be a big reason b'hin.

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Manipuri Arts
( Dance  & Arts of Fights ).....somebody might get, understand negatively..
Here...is the actual parts.. or you known as by " Just Dance " just **

The khamba & Thoibi , belong from the two different society called " Yuvaaraj " like one of the Hero's - " Great Fighters "
son - known as Khamba, and the  Thoibi - a princess. 

Some of the places - related to the Project - The Thabal ( Moon Light )

The Story will be coming as a Movie - Name of the Project " Thabal - The Moon Light "
the real story is coming up to the market of
"Big Screen" as a first time , never before happened ...

For more information:  ahanthem.myspace@gmail.com
( If you might,,, you can do some thing... in this project... waiting !!! )

Life Go On ** Slowly ** I will be Coming.....
This is how a Life goes up to the End **

This is the part of my Life that i am facing those things in day to day LIfe... Don't know what to say ??
Is it  " Right or Wrong ". Times B4 i used to be very annoyed of myself that i am nothing.
And everybody wants the better part of their Life. Things come change up day by day....
slowly slowly the memories start vanishing.. Many of beautiful and precious part " BROKE" in
a single second, without to understand that the exact way of the Life. 
" Those words goes to the water " those word was without any value ** 
Yes, that was my fault that i fall in Love.... & Love Only... But now i got a change and i open my eye
and i saw everything.... everything ,, Which is actually not to look on it. Holding my hand, my arms from the stupid things.
To make an remembrance to the " 1 ", who always made right and not involved with such wrong. ... part.
Once a Heart Broke, it stay like, gone CraZy & Living the Life after a " Broken Heart "
Sometimes Muzic **

Some day  somewhere ,,,   

Most of the time now - Music, Music & Music **  And this part made to feel and understand about my Life which is been though
the most ever lasting pain. All those past day was like an dream that i just dreamt out and i woke up... : )) I smile, yes..
itz called " Life " Life shows to everyone.. each of the part without missing any single points.
Many days b4 i wasn't  able to work, not able to complete the task at the work place - than slowly it hurts my job as well :  (((
Than, i started living my Life without to understand -that- what i had done and what was the fault of mine. No one understood it. But according to the time... it makes realization to Everyone. Now, i am feeling better that i came out from this depression and people start knowing few things of me. Before i shut down my eye's i will express my feeling to everybody... who Listens some songs similar like my own compose. About my muzic live, i will tell you on my next update. 
Time 2 " Rock & Roll "


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